Our straps

For our strap system we have teamed up with the guys at Yulex to produce our unique Yulex pure handplane strap. Constructed using 100% bio plant based rubber, recycled polyester and solvent free glues, we are proud to say that our straps are fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and The Rainforest Alliance.

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Our Handplanes

WAW Handplanes Workshop

Australia & Indonesia

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Our white cedar handplanes are handmade and manufactured both in Sydney, Australia & Bali, Indonesia. Our Bali workshop is locally renowned for its quality furniture, carvings and intricate photo frames.

All handpanes shaped overseas are received, fine-tuned, and have the final touches applied in our Australian workshop before reaching the market.

The village in which our Indonesian workshop is located is a woodworking village and the crafts men and women are incredibly passionate about their work. We visit the workshop regularly to ensure quality control and fair workers agreements are upheld. 

The timber we use is a locally sourced sustainable plantation timber known as Mindi or White Cedar (Melia azedarach), an FSC certified timber.

We use White Cedar for our handplanes because:

  • It is a sustainable FSC certified timber which is not listed as being under any threat environmentally.

  • It is both and Australian and Indonesian native species.

  • It had an incredible strength to weight ratio.

  • Its naturally hydrophobic.

  • Its a very lightweight

  • Its has a stunning aesthetic

WAW Handplanes
WAW Handplanes
WAW Handplanes
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WAW Handplanes

If you would like to know more about our materials and manufacture, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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