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WAW Fish Models

(Best choice for those that already body surf)

WAW Handplanes Arrow Fish
139.95 149.95
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WAW Handplanes Two Tone Fish
139.95 149.95
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WAW Handplanes Pinstripe Fish
139.95 149.95
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WAW Moontail Model

(Best choice for beginners)

WAW Handplanes Two Tone Moontail
139.95 159.95
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All handplanes are covered under our WAWrriors Warranty

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Fish Models  Best for those that either:  Already Bodysurf  Want to take their bodysurfing to the next level  Love to get barrelled
Moontail Models  Best for those that Either:  Are new to bodysurfing  Love riding waves all the way into the beach  Tend to ride smaller, longer waves

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Collboration Handplanes

WAW x Surfrider Pinstripe Moontail
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WAW x Surfrider Arrow Fish
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Dreamtime Fish
199.95 219.95
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WAWBelly Dreamboat - Red
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sustainable handplanes

Get Barrelled, leave no trace


WAW Handplanes is a certified sustainable brand that is committed to the environment through the materials we use and our

One Handplane One Tree promise.

We believe in providing you with a product that will last, which is why all WAW Handplanes come with our WAWrriors Warranty

sustainable Wooden Handplanes

Catch waves like never before. Beautiful, sustainable and built to last, the WAW (wave after wave) Handplanes collection of timber handplanes are the perfect way to take your bodysurfing to a new level. Reach new speeds and attack waves like never before with our range, all designed by our founder Rikki Gilbey.

If you’re truly passionate about your bodysurfing, make the smarter choice and strap on something from our collection. Suitable for everyone from beginners to experts, our range of handplanes add to your bodysurfing experience, giving you new levels of speed and control when you hit the waves. Go beyond the norm and discover something different with WAW Handplanes.

Handboards made by talented hands with the best timber

Our handplanes have been carefully designed to help you move faster and stay on waves for longer, cutting your drag and increasing your speed so you can rocket through the water. Available in two designs for beginners up to experts, our wooden handplanes/handboards have been carefully designed to offer bodysurfers of all ability levels, the ultimate wave riding experience.

We’re dedicated to giving back to the planet that’s given us so much. To ensure that everyone can enjoy a beautiful world, we build all of our boards out of high-quality wood taken from sustainable, plantation timber forests. To replace the timber that we use, we work closely with the Carbon Neutral Charity Fund, planting one tree for every handplane we sell. Give back to the planet and get barrelled without leaving a trace with WAW Handplanes.