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Your name?

Zachary Arthur Carl Hancock 

Where do you call home?

The Shire  NSW, Australia

Your handplane of choice?

I rock the Two Tone Fish, holds  a great line in those steep faces pushes the water out to the side really nicely and the two tone just looks epic. 

Why do you like to bodysurf?

I started bodysurfing 4 years ago, before that I was a stand up board rider. Bodysurfing is just a way of being free and not having to worry about a set coming down on my head and just being able to swim out and get some insane waves at some spots you wouldn't normally go. 

What would you say is your style of bodysurfing?

Big barrels & big drops. I'd take a solid barrel over a hundred meter ride any day. My style of bodysurfing is quite dynamic as i quite often muck around with different techniques, but when the swells up I turn into an aggressive body surfer. I like to push myself on the bigger reef days with spins and different takeoffs trying to go that extra step. 

What would you say were your top 3 bodysurfing waves?

Definitely reef over beach any day of the week. Suck rock, Voodoo, Patch and Shark Island are my favourite wavesIf and all within a 5 minute drive from home. But if I had to choose id say

  1. Suck Rock, NSW
  2. .Voodoo, NSW
  3. .Shark Island, NSW

But gotta add 'Patch' as more people should start bodysurfing it. It can go right off!


If you want to find out more about Zac or watch him in action check out his Instagram page.


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