Our Signature Handplanes have been tried and tested and are the results of extensive "in-field testing" (lots of surfing) and shape perfecting. With two styles, FISH & MOONTAIL, you can choose a handplane suited to your style of bodysurfing.


Steeper, larger waves, hollow waves, beach and reef breaks,

Beginners - Experts.


Smaller waves, longer rides, point breaks and beach breaks

Beginners - Intermediates

"Get barrelled, leave no trace"

WAW Handplanes is committed to sustainability through the materials we use and our One Handplane One Tree promise. We also believe in providing you with a product that will last, which is why all WAW Handplanes come with our WAWRRIORS Warranty.


Want to shape your own?


HAndplane testimonials

Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful hand plane, my partner was completely stoked when he received it! We’ll be sure to recommend you to our surfie friends over here in France!

— Ava, France
Hey Rikki, I thought the surf was a bit dull today for board riding so I took my WAW for a spin. well I misjudged the swell and it was solid 3ft+ sets, would have been great on the board! With time limited I went in with the WAW anyway and BLOW ME DOWN! I cannot believe the lift and speed you get from your little fish style handplane. It was fantastic! A beautiful little machine and great credit to you and your work!
— Gerard, Newport, AU
“My partner absolutely LOVES his handplane. He has tried a few and says its the best one by far. Thanks again! Best birthday present ever!”
— Anna, Byron Bay, AU
“I have recently purchased and used one of your Fish handplanes, and its by far the most fun I have ever had in the ocean. Thank you!”
— Simon, Newcastle, AU
“Great handplane! I love the shape and design and to boot it looks stunning. Cornwall is blessed to have it in its waves, thank you.”
— Carl, Cornwall, UK
“Yeew! Thank you so much! my boyfriend bought me one of your handplanes for Christmas and I love it! its so much fun. Thanks again!”
— Sadie, Torquay, AU