Dreamtime Moontail

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Dreamtime Moontail


WAW Handplanes is proud to present our collaboration with local Indigenous artist Zachary Bennett-Brook, of Saltwater Dreamtime. Zac's works represent the many shades of our beautiful NSW coastline and help to tell the story of sustainable interaction with our oceans. Each handplane is unique and hand-painted in Wollongong, Sydney. 

This collaboration is part of our commitment to local, Australian production and artistry, as well as being a part of our One Handplane One Tree promise

The Dreamtime Moontail is the longer of our two boards shapes.  Its designed with a single large concave as an all purpose handplane, specialised for the smaller waves, longer rides and beginners.


  • Larger surface area for greater lift
  • Deep concave for maximum lift and control
  • Sharp rails for maximum hold and turning power
  • Rockered entry for greater lift and splash reduction
  • Fully adjustable recycled neoprene strap system.
  • Adjustable safety wrist leash


Made from sustainably sourced plantation paulownia, this handplane is extremely light making for an entirely natural swimming stroke and simply feels like an extension of your hand

Perfect for

  • Smaller wave days
  • New bodysurfers
  • Long rides
  • Point breaks

Wrist leash included!

Wrist leashes are a good idea in big surf or on busy beaches, for general surfing use its fine without the leash.

Dimensions : 350mm x 190mm x 20mm

Weight: Approx 390 grams

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