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Our Australian handplane workshop is based in Stanmore, NSW 

Our sustainable timbers are sourced both direct from the growers themselves located in here in northern NSW, and overseas.

We use Australian Paulownia for our Moontail models because:

  • Its incredibly light - making it a convenient addition to the day pack and super easy to swim with;
  • It has incredible strength to weight ratio.
  • Its naturally hydrophobic which means it doesn't take on water or warp.
  • Paulownia is a great environmental choice. Its an incredibly fast growing tree and is grown on sustainable plantations here in Australia.

Its at our workshop where our founder and shaper Rikki individually crafts each handplane. Our waste is donated to local 'City Farms' for use in their composting programmes


WAW Handplanes Workshop


WAW Handplane

We now source some of our milled timber from our Indonesian workshop which is based 45mins NE of Changgu, Bali. The workshop is locally renowned for its quality furniture, carvings and intricate photo frames.

Once we receive the rough shaped timber we fine tune, sand, stain and seal the boards right here in Australia.

The village in which the workshop is located is a woodworking village and the crafts men and women are incredibly passionate about their work. We visit the workshop regularly to ensure quality control and fair workers agreements are upheld. 

The timber we use is a locally produced plantation timber known as Mindi or White Cedar (Melia azedarach).

We use White Cedar for our Fish models because:

  • It is a sustainable FSC certified timber which is not listed as being in any threat environmentally.
  • It had an incredible strength to weight ratio
  • Its a great weight for surfing in larger waves
  • Its has a stunning aesthetic
WAW Handplanes
WAW Handplanes
WAW Handplanes
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WAW Handplanes

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