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Julian Moncrief: The GoPro Genius

Julian Moncrief: The GoPro Genius

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 Julian Moncrief 

Handplane of choice?

I love the WAW Performance Oregon Fish. Seriously feels like I'm slicing through the water smooth like butter. 

where do you surf out of? 

The Island of Oahu, Hawaii, USA. I don't claim any one spot because I go where the waves are

Why do you bodysurf?

When I was young, my father and I would go bodysurf the fun shore break at windnsea in San Diego. As a teen, heavy into surfing, I discovered that the wedge was just south of Huntington Pier, only 2 hours to the north of me. I made the trip quite a few times just to slide on the awesome shorebreak there after surf sessions at the pier. I moved out to Oahu the day after my 20th birthday to surf big waves, and while experiencing the different breaks around the island, I reignited my passion for bodysurfing. Since then I have been lost in the hunt for longer tubes and faster rides.

Whats your favourite wave type to bodysurf? 

I'd have to say that I love a good wedged up tube ride. Direction for me isn't too important but I like a wave with a fun drop that I can slide into the pit on and find the speed to get out as well. Tricks are fun, but for me it's tubes forever. 

Your top 3 bodysurfing waves?

1. Waimea Bay

2. The Wedge

3. Sandy Beach Park


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