Jack MacRae

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Jack Macrae body surfer

Competition results history:

2016, 2017, 2018 Wommin Whomp Comp winner

2016 Whomp off Australia winners

2019 Deus 9ftandsingle winner


WAW Handplanes arrow fish

Wheres home Jack?

Right now - home is no where. I am travelling for the next 6 months. But will always feel Fingal Head, Tweed Heads was the closest thing to home.

Your favourite Handplane to body surf with?

The WAW Arrowfish

Why do you bodysurf?

It is the purest thing you can do and it is so simple. It all begins with bodysurfing.

What kind of waves do you like to bodysurf?

Anything hollow an wedging.

Top 3 breaks?

1. Dreamtime Wedge

2. Snapper Rocks

3. Greenpoint Lefts

For someone looking to get into bodysurfng what would be your best tip?

You cannot overthink it, just get out there and go swimming. Have fun. Ditch your surfboard - it will open up a whole new discourse of surfing

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Jack Macrae body surfer
Jack Macrae body surfer deus