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— Stephanie Gilmore, 2018 7 TIMES ASP WORLD CHAMPION SURFER
Stephanie Gilmore Bodysurfing
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WAW Handplanes Womens Health Mag
WAW Handplanes Womens Health
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— Womens Health Mag, November 2018

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WAW handplanes founder Rikki Gilbey and Ambassador Nicholas Brbot talking all things bodysurfing and handplanes on Channel 9's The Today show.

Get Barrelled and Leave No Trace with Our Bodysurfing Gear

Welcome to WAW Handplanes, the home of hand-made and sustainable bodysurfing handplanes, owned and operated here in Australia.

We create handplanes made from timber, not only to be more sustainable, but because we also believe it creates the best performing handplanes. Our range of hand made bodysurfing equipment is neutrally buoyant and long lasting.  It’s important that your handplane floats, but you also need it to easily penetrate the water to make for a natural swimming stroke

When you purchase a WAW Handplane, you’re purchasing it for life.

At WAW, we’re all about giving back to the planet – we make our handsurfers out of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials so that you can enjoy getting barrelled without leaving a trace. Our bodysurfing gear is focused on sustainability and performance.

Our range of bodysurfing Handplanes for sale are not only made from recycled materials, but we also plant one native tree within Australia for every handplane sold. To date, we’ve now planted well over 4,000 trees across the nation. #onehandplaneonetree

Sourcing the World’s Best Bodysurfing Equipment for You

We’re proud to stock the world’s best bodysurfing fins – DaFiN. DaFiN was created by an Aussie ex-pat now living in Hawaii, and is now used by more than 60 municipal lifeguard and fire and rescue agencies in the United States of America.

You’ll never miss a wave with these at your feet.

As well as sourcing the best products, we believe in providing you with products that will last – which is why all WAW Handplanes come with our WAWrriors Warranty. This warranty covers all mechanical failures for 2 years from the purchase date.

We pride ourselves on creating a product that will provide you with years of fun, and ensure that with our awesome range of gear you catch wave after wave.