Corey Sainsbury

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Corey Sainsbury - Pro swimmer turned bodysurfer 

Corey Sainsbury - Pro swimmer turned bodysurfer 

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What is Your Full name?

Corey Sainsbury

WHERE DO you call home?

Cronulla, NSW, Australia

What is your preferred handplane?

I LOVE, the WAW Fish shape. 

Corey, why do you like to bodysurf?

Bodysurfing for me is being at one with nature, the natural the raw feeling of gliding along the water is second to none. Whilst I’m bodysurfing any problem’s I have no longer exist, all that matters is making that wave!

What would you say is your preferred wave type?

My wave type is a big steep drop into a long hollow barrel with a open section at the end for a trick or 2.

How would you describe your bodysurfing Style?

The bodysurfing style I have is what I think of as a hydrodynamic style, I try to squish everything together to get me maximum speed. I normally keep my non planing hand (on a right wave it would be my left hand) tucked close into my body and if I want to do a cut back or stall I grab the water with this hand to control my speed.

What are your top 3 bodysurfing breaks?

1. Cape Solander, Australia

2. Suck rock, Australia 

3, Pipeline, Hawaii

If you want see more of Corey in action, check out his instagram here:


Corey Sainsbury Bodysurfer
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Corey Sains Bodysurfer