WAW Handplanes founder Rikki Gilbey   

WAW Handplanes founder Rikki Gilbey


about us

WAW (wave after wave) Handplanes is a bodysurfing brand that is committed to giving back.

Founded by Rikki Gilbey and based in Sydney, Australia we make our handplanes out of sustainable, recycled and reclaimed materials so that you can enjoy getting barrelled without leaving a trace. We also host Sydney based workshops, run by our founder and shaper Rikki, click to here to find out more.

The company was born after one inspirational bodysurfing session in 2014 and is continuing to grow.  We use sustainable and recycled timbers for our handplanes, as well as recycled wetsuits for our adjustable hand straps. To date we have recycled more than 400kg of wetsuits previously destined for landfill. To find out more about our materials and manufacture click here

Timber is not only an environmental choice, we believe it also creates the best performing handplanes. Neutrally buoyant and long lasting, we pride ourselves on a product for life, which is why all our handplanes come with our WAWRRIORS Warranty


One handplane one tree
handplanes tree planting
bodysurfing handplanes

To replace the timber we use and to reduce our carbon footprint as a business, we plant one tree through the Carbon Neutral Charity Fund for every Handplane we sell. #OneHandplaneOneTree

To date we have now planted over 3000 trees nation wide.

To be in the know and find out when we have new products available, where we are stocked, or just want to see some awesome barrels? Follow us on Instagram @wawhandplanes.

As passionate about bodysurfing as we are about the health of the oceans we swim in, we are on the lookout for aligned partners in both the retail and not-for-profit space. 

  • Want to stock our handplanes or discuss brand alliances? 
  • interested in how we can support your organisation or next event?
  • Want to donate old wetsuits?



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